What is Insurance?

Our insurance scheme means you paid to join mydeposits
and also pay a protection fee that lets you hold the deposit
in your bank account.

If this is how you protect deposits login here

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What is Custodial?

Our custodial scheme means that you joined mydeposits
for free and transfer the deposit money to us to hold.

If this is how you protect your deposits, then use:

Landlord login or Business login

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We’re here to
safeguard your deposit.

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Is my deposit protected?

Check whether your deposit is protected with us.

How do I get my deposit back?

Find out the steps at the end of the tenancy

Raise a deposit dispute

Learn more about our free dispute process

By law, your landlord or letting agents must protect your

deposit with a government-authorised tenancy deposit

protection scheme such as mydeposits.


What happens to my deposit?

You hand over your deposit to your landlord or agent as usual

By law they must protect it with a scheme within 30 days

You should also receive confirmation of the protection from your landlord/agent

At the end of the tenancy the deposit is returned to you less any agreed deductions

Tenant Testimonial

"By speaking to my landlord and reading the information from mydeposits, I have a good understanding of how everything works and will suggest the scheme to any future landlords.

Mr Hamlett, Tenant

Tenant Testimonial

"I use the website primarily for protecting and unprotecting deposits... All the documents and information I need are online."

Mr XYZ, Tenant

Why mydeposits – helping to raise standards

A government authorised scheme, brought to you by the National Landlords Association.

Why mydeposits – helping to raise standards

Get your deposit back quickly when you move out.

Why mydeposits – helping to raise standards

An award winning dispute resolution service, as an alternative to the courts.

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