The resolution process

If after requesting the deposit back and discussing the proposed deductions with the landlord or agent, the tenant can raise a dispute with mydeposits.

*Between every stage of the resolution process there are scheme and government timescales. Within these timescales your case will progress through the resolution stages. Each time your case proceeds to the next stage you will receive updates by email, text message and notification in our online portal..

Process for Insured

Process for Insured

Step 1

Tenant requests resolution and provides evidence

Tenant provides all relevant evidence and requests a resolution with mydeposits within three calendar months of moving out of the property or it being unprotected, whichever is sooner. 

The case is assessed by the mydeposits case assessor, who will communicate with both parties to let them know if the case is being accepted or declined. 

Within 10 working days of us notifying the landlord, they must send us the unresolved deposit amount and confirm their preferred method of resolution (resolution or court). Any amount not claimed by the landlord should be refunded to the tenant within 10 calendar days of requesting the deposit. 

Where both parties agree to the use our resolution service, the landlord has 20 working days from the initial notification date to provide their rebuttal evidence. It is their responsibility to make sure that we receive their evidence supporting their proposed settlement. The tenant will then have three working days to comment by emailing us at We are unable to accept more evidence at this point. 

The case assessor will then prepare the case and send it off to the adjudicator who will make a decision within 28 calendar days. 

Once a decision has been made, mydeposits will notify both parties. The decision will be available to view in your online account and the awards will be distributed within five working days. 

Custodial process

Custodial process

Step 1


At the end of the tenancy, the release of the deposit can be requested by the tenant or landlord through our online portal. The landlord must set out the settlements they are claiming from the deposit with their evidence. The tenant is then able to respond with their evidence to either accept the settlements or offer a new amount to settle the release. Both parties are encouraged to negotiate with the aim of reaching an agreement.  

If an agreement cannot be reached, our free resolution process can be started by the tenant or landlord through our portal when it is their turn to respond. Both parties will then be asked to confirm their final evidence within five calendar days. It is important to note evidence will be confirmed automatically after five days, and no further evidence can be added once evidence has been confirmed.  

Once all evidence is confirmed, the case will be reviewed by our resolution team. Within the first 10 working days, the evidence will be assessed by a case assessor who will discuss the case with both parties with the aim of reaching an agreed resolution.   

 If the case assessor feels the case requires a final resolution outcome, it will be sent to the adjudicator who will make a decision within 28 calendar days. 

Once a resolution outcome has been provided, mydeposits will notify both parties of the decision, which will be available for you to view on our online portal. mydeposits will distribute the awarded amount within five working days.