Is your deposit protected?

Use our handy ‘Deposit checker’ to find out if your deposit is protected with us. If you disagree with the deductions to your deposit, you can request a resolution.

Is my deposit protected?
When was deposit paid

Where is my deposit?

Where is my deposit?

Step 1

Check it is protected

You should have been given the prescribed information at the beginning of your tenancy. You can also use our deposit checker to see if your deposit is protected with us.

For our insured scheme references will begin with DPC and for our custodial it’s DPN. Your prescribed information will also confirm how your deposit was protected. If you are unable to find this, then please use our deposit checker which you will find at the top of this webpage. Alternatively, you may wish to contact your landlord or agent to request a copy of the prescribed information.

You can find your certificate number on your prescribed information,
you can use the deposit checker at the top of the page to locate it.

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How do I get my deposit back?

How do I get my deposit back?

Step 1

End of tenancy

When you’re coming to the end of your contract, talk to your landlord or agent to agree an end date and discuss the deposit return. Your landlord or agent will likely arrange for an inspection after you leave to check the condition of the property.

You will need to formally request for the deposit to be returned to you and allow 10 calendar days for their response. However, they do not need to return the deposit within this timeframe.

Your landlord or agent may ask to keep some, or all, of your original tenancy deposit to cover things like cleaning or damage. You can either agree, negotiate or disagree with this amount.

If the deposit is protected with our insured scheme and you have agreed on the amount to be returned, you can now discuss with the landlord or agent how and when the deposit will be returned, If the deposit is protected in our custodial scheme, you can log into your online account and request the agreed deposit amount to be returned to you.

If you cannot agree on the deposit amount being returned, you will be offered free resolution by our specialist team. All parties (you, your landlord or your agent) must agree to use it.

You can view the full resolution process including the timeframes for each step here

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Payment of interest to tenants

If your deposit is held with us in our custodial deposit protection scheme, after 182 days you will earn interest on it. This means that at the end of your tenancy, you might receive interest in addition to getting your deposit back.


How do I request a resolution?

If you can’t agree with your landlord or agent about the amount of the deposit to be returned, or you are not satisfied with their explanation for withholding the deposit, you can use our free resolution service. This must be done within three months of the date that you moved out of the property or it being unprotected, whichever is sooner.