It’s time to get your deposit back

Firstly, you may want to check if your deposit is protected using our deposit checker. If your deposit is protected with us, please see below on how to get your deposit back.


Custodial and Insured

Insured - Your reference will start with DPC


Request deposit back

You will need to request your deposit back in writing and give your landlord 10 days to respond to the request.

Tenant Deposit Request Letter
An editable PDF letter for you to complete and send to your landlord or letting agent at the end of the tenancy in order to formally request the return of your deposit.

You must then allow your landlord the opportunity to discuss and negotiate any proposed deductions to the deposit.

Member Response Letter

This template should be sent to your landlord or letting agent with the above letter to enable them to respond to your request for the return of the deposit.

In the unlikely event of you being unable to agree a settlement over the amount to be returned, you can use our free formal resolution service. It uses impartial and professional adjudicators to help resolve the matter; it’s also cheaper and quicker than using the court. 

Find out more about formal resolution here. 

Custodial - Your reference will start with DPN


Release the deposit

Either you or your landlord/agent can begin the release process at the end of the tenancy using your online account.

Both parties will need to authorise the deposit release and agree to any proposed deductions made by the landlord or letting agent for things like cleaning or unpaid rent.

mydeposits will return the deposit within five working days providing you both agree with the amount of deposit to be returned. 

If an agreement cannot be met, then a formal resolution can be raised  with our resolution service to resolve the issue. Find out more here. 

Custodial and Insured

What happens if my landlord or agent hasn’t returned my deposit?

If your deposit is protected in our custodial scheme and after 10 working days you have not had a response to your formal request and not had an email from mydeposits, then you can start the deposit release via your online account. 

If we do not hear from the landlord or agent after 14 workings days, we will return the deposit as per the terms set out in your application for the return of the deposit. It will then take up to five working days for payment to be made.