Advice for check in and check out

Once you’ve completed your tenant checks and provided your tenants with a clearly worded tenancy agreement, the next step is to compile a check in inventory and schedule of condition. This detailed report is a record of the property’s contents and condition that makes all parties aware of how it should be maintained and returned at the end of the tenancy. Providing robust, clear and detailed documentation to demonstrate what is expected of your tenants from the start often helps to prevent any problems in the future. At the end of the tenancy, the check out report will then be used to compare the overall condition of the property against the check in documents. The check in and check out process also enables both parties to sort out any issues at the time, and will often help to avoid a formal dispute occurring. In the unlikely event that a dispute does occur, check in and check out reports which have been signed by you and your tenants are crucial pieces of evidence to support any deposit deductions that you plan to make

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