What is Insurance?

Our insurance scheme means you paid to join mydeposits
and also pay a protection fee that lets you hold the deposit
in your bank account.

If this is how you protect deposits login here

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What is Custodial?

Our custodial scheme means that you joined mydeposits
for free and transfer the deposit money to us to hold.

If this is how you protect your deposits, then use:

Landlord login or Business login

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The tenancy deposit protection solution for letting agents

Deposit protection shaped to meet the needs of your business


  • Fast, simple deposit protection
  • A choice of products
  • Training and workshops

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A simple solution to your deposit protection requirements

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Manage your business more effectively with mydeposits.

Business support

Expert help and support from our experienced team.



We work with all types of businesses to make deposit protection a success.

Manage all your protections online

    • Join and set up your account
    • Protect each deposit you take in a few simple steps
    • Import bulk deposits to protect
    • We provide the majority of the Prescribed Information

We offer a choice of flexible deposit protection
products to meet your needs.

Ideal for start-up or single branch letting agents

deposit protection product

You transfer the deposit to us to safeguard.

Suitable for large agents with lots of deposits

deposit protection product

You keep the deposit in your own segregated bank account.

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 Our dedicated business team for your personal support

The business development team are your day-to-day contact for all things deposit related and will ensure mydeposits is a success for your business.

Available for face-to-face visits in your office or over the phone.

Mobile phone

0333 321 9404

Our agent member views

mydeposits provides us with an effective technical integration platform which is invaluable for us to be able to process the protections efficiently and quickly.

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Our agent member views

We have been members of mydeposits since 2007 and it’s been fantastic working with the mydeposits team. They’re always on hand for anything we’ve needed and we simply wouldn’t dream of moving to another scheme.

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Our agent member views

The experts at mydeposits have helped us to understand how and why we need to evidence the deposit deductions we make, which then enables us to be open and upfront with our tenants about why we may need to withhold part of their deposit money

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