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Our insurance scheme means you paid to join mydeposits
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in your bank account.

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What is Custodial?

Our custodial scheme means that you joined mydeposits
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Ten years of tenancy deposit protection

Protecting deposits and supporting the private rented sector

Read the stories from the mydeposits community

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Terry Boswell


It has been wonderful to know that a few clicks on a computer enables me to meet my legal responsibilities as a landlord. Not only that, but the fact that I am regularly updated with news is an added bonus.

Georgina Bishop


I thought the dispute service was brilliant - we were kept up to date at all times and whenever we called, the person helping always did as much as they could to help. We couldn't fault the service at all.

Simon Duce

Managing Director, ARPM

Our landlord and tenant clients have benefited from the clear mydeposits processes and communication, the easy-to-use systems and fair deposit disputes decisions.

Paul Rowlinson

UK Director of Compliance at iQ Student Accommodation

By working together we are building an interface to integrate with our operating software that will make deposit protection completely automated. This will help reduce administration massively and mydeposits are the only deposit provider that will do this.

James Dempsey

Operations manager for the Legal Department

It sounds really cliché but it’s the environment and the people that I work with every day that motivates me and pushes me forward. It’s the overriding factor that drives a lot of people including me, and it’s what keeps so many people here for a long time.

Eddie Hooker


To see our plans and carefully thought out processes go live and landlords joining and successfully protecting their tenant’s deposits on the 6 April 2007 was an amazing experience. We were changing the rental sector in the UK forever.

Anita Harris


mydeposits is so easy to manage. Protecting and unprotecting a deposit is quick and simple. They ensure I’m kept up to date with legislation changes. If I need help then the staff are always friendly and helpful.

Philip Sharples


I have used the tenancy deposit service (mydeposits) twice now. The first time I welcomed having an independent third party involved in holding, what was, a significant amount of my money. This service met my needs exactly, it was fast and in my opinion the end result was totally satisfactory.

Gabi Cox


I found the whole process very easy and simple to use, I was kept updated throughout the dispute. The staff at my deposits were very helpful when I had any queries.

Carolyn Uphill

Chairman, National Landlords Association

The formation of mydeposits as a partnership between The National Landlords Association and Hamilton Fraser has meant that a tenancy deposit protection scheme was established with the needs of landlords in mind.

Clive Williams


Over the years I have used mydeposits to protect my rental property bonds and have found your system easy to use and have not had any problems with any disputes.

Sean Hooker and Suzy Hershman

Head of Redress and Head of Dispute Resolution

There’s usually an impact on people’s behaviour when new legislation is introduced, and in the case of deposit protection, it was the landlords and letting agents who had to adapt. We saw plenty of people trying to find loopholes and avoid deposit protection, but once they realised it was simple to action, it’s slowly become accepted and part of the rental process.

Michael Rainsford

Co-founder, StuRents

We currently help students find houses, sign their tenancy agreement via StuRents and pay their rent via StuRents. In mediating the financial transactions, the protection of the deposit was a natural add-on for StuRents, with mydeposits being the partner of choice.

David French

Property and Marketing Manager at Tara & Co

mydeposits has provided my business with an efficient solution for managing and protecting deposits and complying with the law.

Matthew Cotton

Director of Finance at Homes4U

Tenancy deposit protection is one of the most important things to our tenants, it gives them reassurance and peace of mind that their deposit money is in safe hands.

Elaine Smallwood


The dispute resolution service was excellent and again I did not have to worry about anything, mydeposits took that worry away from me and did all the chasing of the landlord.

Samira Admani


It’s an easily contactable, friendly service that just took the whole stress out of the situation as my landlord was difficult to deal with.

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