Get your deposit back: Looking after the garden

Secure Your Deposit:

Essential Tips for Maintaining Your Rental Garden.

Moving into a new rental property comes with a checklist of responsibilities, and one important aspect often overlooked is garden maintenance. Ensuring your garden stays in good condition can play a significant role in securing the return of your deposit when it’s time to move out.

Here are key tips to help you avoid potential deposit disputes:

  • Check and document the garden's condition

    When you move in, take time to review the garden's condition. If the garden isn't accurately recorded in the inventory, update it with photographs and notes. This documentation will be crucial to prove any discrepancies upon moving out.
  • Regular maintenance is key

    Gardens can grow rapidly during the warmer months. Keeping it under control at regular intervals helps prevent stubborn weeds from taking over. Regular maintenance is not only cost-effective but also ensures the garden remains in good shape throughout your tenancy.
  • Equip yourself

    Check your tenancy agreement to understand if garden maintenance falls under your responsibility. Some landlords provide tools, while others may not. Having the necessary tools can prevent disputes about maintenance deductions from your deposit.
  • Identify destructive species

    Keep an eye out for invasive plant species, like Japanese Knotweed, that can cause serious damage to the property. If you notice any such plants, inform your landlord promptly to ensure professional removal to prevent further spread and harm.
  • Restore the garden on move-out

    When you eventually move out, review the condition of the garden at check-in and aim to return it in the same state. Consider the season you move in and out, as different times of the year can impact the garden's appearance. Planning ahead can save you from potential deposit deductions.

Remember that your tenancy deposit must be protected by law. Confirm that your landlord or agent has placed your deposit in an authorized scheme, such as mydeposits, and provided you with proof of protection. Following these steps will not only help you maintain a well-kept garden but also ensure a smoother and less stressful end to your tenancy.

Rest easy knowing your deposit is protected by law.

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