Conditions for deposit disputes – Custodial scheme

Conditions of deposit disputes under Custodial scheme:

Navigating deposit disputes just got easier with our comprehensive guide to the process under our Custodial scheme.

Discover how we handle deposit disputes under our Custodial Scheme, including legislative requirements and resolution processes.

  • Best practice at the end of the tenancy

    At the end of your tenancy, ensure you've paid rent up to date, provided accurate contact details, and attempted to negotiate deposit return with the member.
  • Deposit dispute acceptance criteria

    To initiate a deposit dispute, the tenant must have vacated the property, settled rent, attempted negotiation, and agreed to ADR service or court resolution.
  • Dispute process

    Understand the step-by-step process, from the tenant raising a dispute to member's response, tenant's response, and more. Learn about court resolution options.
  • Deposit dispute evidence

    Learn how evidence is crucial in deposit disputes. Find out about relevant documents, supporting evidence, and how adjudicators analyse submitted materials.
  • The adjudication

    Discover how impartial adjudicators analyse evidence, calculate fair wear and tear, and make binding decisions. Explore the factors influencing their judgments.
  • Miscellaneous provisions

    Stay informed about updates to conditions and guidelines, reporting errors, and our commitment to handling disputes with transparency and fairness.

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