A tenant's guide to moving out

Moving out of a rented property can be a smooth process with the right information

Our guide offers essential insights for tenants who are preparing to move out of their rented homes. Whether it's your first or third time moving, understanding these key facts can help you have a hassle-free transition.

Key points for a smooth move-out:

  • Leave the property in the same condition as when you received it, referring to your tenancy agreement and check-in report
  • Document repairs in writing to maintain evidence of completed or pending repairs during your tenancy
  • Capture time-stamped photos of the property’s condition at the end of your stay
  • Schedule a check-out report conducted by your landlord/agent or an independent contractor to assess the property’s condition
  • Return all keys to avoid potential deductions for lock replacements

Returning your deposit:

  • Depending on the protection scheme used by your landlord/agent, the deposit return process varies
  • In an insurance-based scheme, request your deposit back in writing, allowing the landlord/agent 10 days to respond
  • For custodial schemes held by mydeposits, both parties must authorise the deposit return and agree on deductions
  • mydeposits releases the deposit within five working days for custodial schemes

Protect your deposit today

If you have taken a cash deposit, you must protect it in a government authorised scheme within 30 calendar days

Issues that require resolution:

  • If there’s a disagreement over the deposit amount, you can initiate a resolution with mydeposits’ impartial resolution service
  • Only around one per cent of deposit protections end in resolution, highlighting its rarity
  • The resolution service employs unbiased adjudicators who are resolution experts and is evidence-based
  • You can manage the process online, including uploading evidence to support your case

The resolution process:

  • Provide notice of issue requiring resolution within three months of vacating the property and submit evidence
  • Landlord/agent presents a counterclaim with supporting evidence
  • mydeposits assesses the resolution case and passes it to an adjudicator for a binding decision
  • The deposit is distributed according to the adjudicator’s decision, typically within 28 days

Moving out made easy

Our guide provides a comprehensive checklist for moving out, making sure you have a stress-free experience during your move out.

Moving out checklist:

  • Review your tenancy agreement, check-in report, and initial photos
  • Clean the property according to the documentation, including appliances and the garden
  • Take time-stamped photos of the property’s condition before leaving
  • Receive and sign the check-out report
  • Return all keys to the landlord/agent or through mydeposits
  • Request return of deposit (dependent on insurance or custodial scheme)

With this comprehensive guide from mydeposits.co.uk, tenants can move out confidently and have a smooth deposit return process. By adhering to these guidelines, tenants can navigate the complexities of moving out while safeguarding their deposit and rental history.

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