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Get all the latest news to your inbox

July 28

by mydeposits
Knowledge is power

A guest blog from the National Landlords Association – the largest landlord organisation in the UK.


Whether you’re taking your first steps as a landlord or looking to grow your property business, the chances are that you’ll need some sound advice along the way.

However, knowing where to turn for advice isn’t always easy and you need to be sure that the advice you take can be trusted. After all, with countless laws and responsibilities as a landlord the risks of taking poor advice could leave you out of pocket, or even worse, in prison.

Trust the largest landlord association in the UK

The NLA is the largest landlord association in the UK, working with over 65k members, and we make it our business to help your business prosper in what is an increasingly competitive market that offers modest returns.

No matter where you are in the landlord lifecycle, the NLA has wealth of advice and best practice guidance about the various aspects of letting property that will give you a cutting edge.

All of our resources and guidance are written by experienced experts at the NLA who know the market inside out. With our help you can:

  • – Understand the key considerations before you buy
  • – Properly equip a buy to let property
  • – Get to grips with your responsibilities and legal requirements as a landlord
  • – Avoid or deal with common risks like rent arrears
  • – Better manage your cashflow and increase your returns
  • – Grow your property business

 You can take a look at our guidance and resources by visiting www.gettingstartedasalandlord.co.uk/resources.

 Access the full range of support from the NLA

So whether it’s trustworthy advice or best practice you’re after, look no further than NLA membership which gives you access to all this as well as a whole host of other benefits and services.

We offer a range of flexible membership options to suit your specific needs so that it’s affordable while delivering value for money.

Join the NLA today and let your property business bloom – don’t just take it from us, see what other landlords have to say about being a part of the NLA for yourself.

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