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January 12

by mydeposits
Tips for staying safe online

We have become aware of a new scam with a fraudulent company imitating mydeposits that is targeting landlords and letting agents and convincing them that they are paying for tenancy deposit protection when in actual fact, they are becoming a victim of a scam.

The fraudulent company is called MYDeposit PROTECTION Company and we would like to warn all of our members and any prospective landlords and letting agents to avoid all contact.

How the scam works

Once landlord or agent have submitted their details, they are sent an email from  support@mydeposits-protection.com with a subject line of MYDeposit PROTECTION Company Payment Invoice with the message confirming “that your Tenancy Transaction was approved and started.”

The email asks the landlord or agent to pay the deposit via Western Union using their “agent data”.

Please do not send any money as this company is in no way affiliated to mydeposits and is not a tenancy deposit protection scheme. 

How to spot the scam

support@mydeposit-protection.com is not a valid email of any of the mydeposits schemes.

We would never accept payment via a Western Union transfer.

Any payment that we take will be done via card payment or BACS transfer via your online member account or over the phone with a member of our customer service team. The team can be contacted on 0333 321 9401.

In many online scams, communication is usually via email. The content of these emails is usually presented unprofessionally, contains bad spelling or grammar and uses overly formal and push language such as “We Thank You for Using & Trusting MYDeposit PROTECTION Company Service!”.

They may also try to make you feel under pressure to complete a transaction within a given timeframe, using wording such as:

“NOTE: The transfer must be made within 24 working hours after you will receive this payment notification from MYDeposit PROTECTION.”

Please look out for fake emails or communication. If you believe any communication to be fraudulent, avoid any further communication and if you’re still not sure if an email has come from us, please forward it to us here and we’ll let you know if it’s genuine

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