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November 16

by mydeposits
Rise in deposit protection awareness but tenants not talking to landlords

Awareness of tenancy deposit protection (TDP) among tenants in England and Wales has risen in the last six months, new research from my|deposits* shows. However, the majority of tenants say they have never discussed details of their tenancy deposit with their landlord or letting agent.

The findings – which come during national consumer week – show that just over seven in ten (72 per cent) tenants say they were aware that TDP exists – up marginally by three per cent since April 2012.

However, an astonishing 86 per cent of tenants say they have not yet discussed the protection of their deposit with their landlord or letting agent, despite TDP legislation being in place for almost six years in England and Wales.

Eddie Hooker, CEO of my|deposits, said:

“TDP has undoubtedly helped to raise standards in the private-rented sector in England and Wales but there is room for improvement and more needs to be done to build awareness among tenants.

“The legislation was introduced to protect the consumer and their deposit money so it’s vital that they talk to their landlord or letting agent and ask where their deposit has been protected.”

The research – which tracks awareness and attitudes of TDP – also shows that the majority of tenants do not go directly to the TDP schemes for more information about deposit protection.

The findings show that:

-32 per cent would use an online search

-27 per cent would visit Government website Direct Gov

-27 per cent of tenant’s would go straight to the TDP schemes

Eddie Hooker commented:

“Online searches are a very useful tool but there can be lot of mis-information on the web about TDP, so it is important that tenants know where to look in the first place.

“The my|deposits website has a dedicated section for tenants, which contains a vast array of information about the tenant’s rights and helpful resources and guides on a range of deposit protection topics.”

For further information for tenants visit www.mydeposits.co.uk/tenants or call 0844 980 0290 or follow us on Twitter @mydeposits.

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