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Get all the latest news to your inbox

November 30

by mydeposits
Right to Rent – What you need to know

Our key partner and buy-to-let specialist, Hamilton Fraser, and renown industry expert, Paul Shamplina have released the fourth episode in their series of podcasts designed to help educate landlords within the private rented sector and better manage their lettings.

Right to Rent – What you need to know

In our latest podcast, Paul Shamplina, industry expert and Brand Ambassador for Hamilton Fraser, talks to us about Right to Rent and what it means for you.

What the podcast covers:

December 1st saw new, harsher sanctions introduced for those who failed to comply with the law, so it is now more important than ever to make sure you are clued up when it comes to performing Right to Rent checks with your tenants.

In this podcast, Paul talks about:

  • – What Right to Rent is and why it was introduced
  • – The penalties for landlords who fail to comply
  • – The types of tenancies and tenants that need to be checked
  • – What you need to do in order to comply with the law
  • – What to do if you cannot perform the appropriate Right to Rent checks

Listen to the podcast

The Right to Rent requirements apply to the majority of property professionals across the country so it is imperative that you understand your responsibilities to avoid the new sanctions, which include uncapped criminal fines and even prosecution.

We’ve put together a downloadable fact sheet, which you can find here, which covers everything discussed in the podcast.

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