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September 25

by mydeposits
mydeposits receive national recognition for Investing in Customers

My|deposits, provider of tenancy deposit protection (TDP) in England and Wales, has been presented with the nationally recognised Investor in Customers (IIC) Standard, joining a list of ambitious organisations in the UK that are recognised against the rigorous assessment framework.

The prestigious IIC award is for outstanding customer service. During the assessment my|deposits members were asked to take part in a full survey about the service provided by the scheme, and were encouraged to give open and honest feedback about my|deposits’ ability to:

-Understand customers’ needs

-Deliver products and services that meet those needs

-Deliver 1st class service

-Engender loyalty (in customers and staff)

-The IIC award is the only award based entirely on client and employee feedback and solely focusing on the members’ experience.

Eddie Hooker, CEO of my|deposits, said:

“Meeting the needs and expectations of our customers is crucial to our aim of being the best TDP provider in the market and this award vindicates all the resource and focus we invest into developing relationships and understanding all of our customers.

“Of course, it doesn’t mean that our scheme is perfect, and there will always be challenges as we try to provide an impartial and robust service to meet the expectations of landlords, agents and tenants. However, it provides evidence that the service we offer is highly regarded by our customers and that we’re moving in the right direction.”

My|deposits are the only deposit scheme to have been awarded both the IIC standard, and the Investors in People (IiP) Standard for staff development and training

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