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November 11

by mydeposits
mydeposits gets the green light to operate a custodial scheme

mydeposits has been given government approval to operate a custodial based tenancy deposit protection scheme in England and Wales from April 2016.

Protecting tenants’ deposits has been a legal requirement in England and Wales since 2007, with landlords and letting agents having the choice of an insurance based scheme that involves a fee, or a free-to-use custodial scheme to protect deposits and comply with the law. Today’s announcement is hugely significant because it now means landlords and letting agents who prefer the custodial based option will have a choice in which scheme they use.

Eddie Hooker, CEO of mydeposits, commented:

“Mydeposits has been through a detailed procurement process with the government and we are delighted to have been given the green light.”

“We’ve been hopeful of winning the contract for some time and have already begun an exciting and ambitious reboot of mydeposits. We’re taking a fresh look at deposit protection and are investing in our systems and processes to create a faster, smarter scheme designed to remove delays and problems associated with deposit protection. We’ve held numerous focus groups with landlords, letting agents and tenants, along with our sponsor, the National Landlords Association, to form a detailed blueprint of how we can improve. We are delighted that landlords and letting agents will soon have a genuine choice of which custodial scheme they use and look forward to welcoming anyone who wants to change from their current provider.

“Our scheme continues to go from strength to strength having also been chosen by the Jersey States as the sole supplier of a custodial tenancy deposit protection scheme on the island which launched earlier this month.” 

The announcement comes off the back of new research from mydeposits which shows that tenant awareness of TDP in England and Wales has reached an all-time high.

The findings reveal that 82 per cent of tenants say they are aware of the law, which aims to protect their deposit money from being unfairly withheld at the end of the tenancy by landlords and agents.

Awareness has risen by 10 per cent (up from 72 per cent) in the past two years.*

Mr Hooker, commented:

“This rise in awareness is significant because the law is designed to protect tenants’ money. The General Election will no doubt have played a significant part in bringing more attention to private housing and tenants’ issues over the last few months, and we hope that this continues because it’s vital that all tenants know and understand their rights.”

Landlords and letting agents who take a deposit from their tenant should visit the mydeposits websitewww.mydeposits.co.uk for more information.

Tenants can also access a who range of advice, guidance and support at www.mydeposits.co.uk/tenants


* https://www.mydeposits.co.uk/press-release/rise-deposit-protection-awareness-tenants-not-talking-landlords

For further information, please contact:





About my|deposits:

1-mydeposits is the trading name of Tenancy Deposit Solutions Limited, a company jointly owned by the National Landlords Association and HFIS plc T/A Hamilton Fraser Insurance (the Scheme Administrator) to deliver an insurance-backed tenancy deposit protection scheme under contract from Communities & Local Government.

2-my|deposits aims to support landlords and agents to comply with the legislation and provide everyone with the confidence that deposit money is held securely for the duration of the tenancy.

3-Landlords and letting agents wishing to use this scheme are required to register with the Scheme Administrator. They can find out more and register by visiting www.mydeposits.co.uk.

4-Registered members of the Scheme are able to protect and unprotect deposits at the beginning and end of tenancies. Fees are tax-deductible.

5-In the event of a dispute at the end of the tenancy agreement, both parties are offered access to alternative dispute resolution (ADR). This procedure will be evidence-based, relying on documentation and records.

6-Tenancy Deposit Protection (TDP) was introduced in April 2007 by the Housing Act 2004 as part of a package of measures to raise standards in the private rented sector.

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