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Get all the latest news to your inbox

October 14

by mydeposits
Letting to tenants with pets

For pet lovers, renting can sometimes seem difficult as most tenancy agreements contain anti pet clauses. Commonly landlords worry about the costs of repairing potential damage caused by pets in their property at the end of the tenancy and they are unaware that just a few simple steps can put their concerns to rest about maintenance, liability and deposit disputes.

A best practice guide published by my|deposits along with Let with Pets , sets out useful and practical tips for letting to tenants with pets, which should benefit both landlords and tenants and promote long-term tenancies. mydeposits have also produced a best practice video highlighting the key facts of what to consider before letting your property out to tenants with pets.


mydeposits and Lets with Pets recommend that landlords and agents include fair and reasonable pet clauses in the tenancy agreement in relation to the tenant’s responsibility for any damage caused by the pet. As well as inserting a simple clause in the agreement, landlords can also draw up a pet addendum to a new or existing tenancy agreement and a separate Pet Policy.

In addition to the guide for letting to tenants with pets, we have also created a guide to pet clauses, including what they might look like and where you may wish to include them.

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