Landlord Pricing

For our insurance scheme (where you hold the deposit) there are individual deposit protection fees to legally protect each deposit.

All fees include VAT and are tax deductible.

Deposit protection fees

You need to pay a fee to protect the tenant’s deposit at the start of each new fixed-term AST agreement. The protection covers the duration of the tenancy and if your tenant continues onto a Statutory Periodic Tenancy (provided you inform us of the extension).

Our pay-as-you-go plan means you only pay to protect a deposit when you need to.

Deposit amount Standard Protection Fee NLA Members
Up to £500 £19.12 £13.20
Over £500 £26 £17.95

These are our current joining and protection fees and are subject to change.

*Discounts available on protection fees for Full Landlord Members of the National Landlords Association.