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Get all the latest news to your inbox

February 24

by mydeposits
How does your Tenancy Agreement measure up?

Providing your tenants with a robust Tenancy Agreement is one of many essential jobs you have as a landlord. In the event of a dispute happening over any deductions to the deposit, the agreement is one of the most important documents an adjudicator will look at as it outlines your responsibilities as a landlord along with what you should expect from your tenants throughout the tenancy.

Our guide points out some of the useful clauses to help you ensure you have a robust Tenancy Agreement which includes many clauses you will want to consider before handing over the agreement to your tenants. Download the free guide here to see how your agreement measures up.

Along with the guide we also have a detailed video which is a must watch for both new and experienced landlords.

Don’t forget to ensure clauses in the agreement are fair as unfair contract terms cannot be relied on in the wake of a dispute being raised by your tenant. Our latest Adjudicator’s Glossary Series highlights what you as a landlord should include in a Tenancy Agreement and also some of the downfalls that could impact you preventing any injustice to the tenant.

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