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Get all the latest news to your inbox

February 14

by mydeposits
A shock announcement from key industry bodies

Head of Redress at the Property Redress Scheme, Sean Hooker discusses how the property sector is adapting, including his thoughts on the recent launch of Propertymark by ARLA and NAEA.

Those of us familiar with the property sector are likely to be confronted with a string of initials representing a whole host of bodies, organisations and groups.

Our industry can be confusing with organisations eager to promote what they do but avoiding long names at the same time, many of which were initialised down to a handful of letters. It is important to find a name that conveys a message that is clear to the public and is easily recognised and short of euphemisms.

It has been clear that what the industry needs is clarity and direction, as well as confidence in the people who want to ensure that it operates to the highest standards and professionalism.

I was therefore pleasantly surprised to be invited to attend an event by ARLA and NAEA for a big announcement. The two autonomous but linked organisations announced that they would be operating under a single unified name PROPERTYMARK. At last, a recognition of something that makes sense to us as professionals, a proper consumer facing decision designed to convey the messages we intend.

There is however, a long way to go for the project and it faces challenges. They will need to consider what structure they want to adopt and what works for their agents and their customers.

Ultimately, this move must be applauded and in an era where the industry is faced with more and more scrutiny and compliance, this is a welcome transitional move to raise standards, quality and professionalism.

To read more about Sean’s thoughts on this topic check out the full blog here.

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