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Get all the latest news to your inbox

January 26

by mydeposits
Rent Smart Wales: 185 fixed penalty notices and 15 prosecutions issued

Rent Smart Wales has reported that it has seen a ‘substantial’ rise in the number of agents, landlords and properties licenced with the scheme.

While the majority of landlords and agents are now compliant with the legislation there still remains a proportion who do not operate within the legal requirements.

Failure to comply with the legislation is an offence and a number of fines have already been issued in line with this.

Rent Smart Wales state “We are taking action to make sure that those who need to comply, do so, with fixed penalty notices of up to £250 being issued and prosecutions taken forward. To date, we have issued 185 Fixed Penalty Notices and taken 15 prosecutions for RSW offences.”

With the enforcement powers active it is extremely important to ensure that you comply. By law, all landlords and letting agents must either register or licence themselves and their properties. Self-managing landlords and agents also need to comply and obtain a licence after completing a relevant training course and passing a ‘fit and proper’ assessment.


Could you unwittingly be breaking the law?

A significant amount of landlords and agents are also unaware that Rent Smart Wales legislation still applies to them if they own a property in Wales but live elsewhere.


How do I comply?

For further information about specific registration details and how to comply with the law visit the Rent Smart Wales website or call their helpline on 03000 133344.

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