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Get all the latest news to your inbox

October 10

by Samantha Altman
Tenants paint a picture of their perfect rented home

According to a new study, tenants would stay in their rented homes for longer if landlords let them do the place up to their own tastes.

Unfashionable décor, damage left by previous tenants and bans on pets were all reasons cited by tenants putting them off renting a property.

But the big surprise was that 44 per cent of tenants would be happy to redecorate a rented home to their own taste – and they say this would encourage them to take more care of the property –  while a third would spend their own money on decorating to make their rooms look nicer.

“For many people now, especially the younger generation, the idea of owning your own home can feel like a bit of a pipe dream,” said Alan Kemp, head of brand marketing at Graham & Brown, which commissioned the report for International Wallpaper Week (October 1 – 7, 2018).

“Landlords these days usually don’t let tenants decorate, which is just one thing in a long list of bugbears, and these strict rules leave Generation Rent lagging behind in the home style stakes.”

The research also disclosed that 27 per cent of renters had turned down a buy to let property because of the state of the décor.

They were put off by out-of-style coloured bathroom suites, textured walls or ceilings, bare walls, magnolia paintwork and coloured kitchen units.

One in five said their landlord would not allow them to decorate, while 62 per cent would get out paint brushes if the landlord gave them permission to restyle their homes.

The décor was not the only factor putting tenants off renting. Other factors such as living with untidy housemates who did not pay their share of the bills was also a big gripe, along with finding the money for security deposits, no parking and lack of outdoor space.


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