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Get all the latest news to your inbox

August 23

by mydeposits
Make landlords pay buy to let council tax, say renters

Buy to let renters have voted for some radical law changes in a new survey looking at the housing market and specifically buy to let council tax.

Just over half of renters (52%) agreed that a new law should make landlords responsible for paying council tax on any homes that they rent out. Another 49% called for an independent housing tribunal with the power to review rent rises and 41% support the government imposing a cap on the number of homes one person can own.

The study, for specialist buy to let lender Market Financial Services, also revealed 62% of property owners with more than one home supported scrapping inheritance tax on passing properties to their loved ones.

The research also took a wider view of the property market and found:

  • 55% want a law to axe gazumping
  • 52% wanted restrictions on the number, value and locations of homes non-residents could own
  • 52% of adults own their home, but only 4% own two or more properties
  • 25% of adults rent their home and will not buy in the next 18 months
  • 7% of renters plan to buy a home by 2020

When quizzed about setting a minimum three-year term for a tenancy agreement, only 48% of renters with no intention of buying for at least 18 months and 27% of property owners with two or more homes supported the idea.

Paresh Raja, the lender’s chief executive officer, said: “Whether you’re a renter looking to make your first real estate purchase or a homeowner trying to move up the property chain, the property market is facing a number of challenges.

“Our findings demonstrate the public’s desire to have new laws introduced to prevent gazumping, and in turn, reduce the risk of a property chain collapsing. It’s also interesting to note that those people who own two or more residential properties are eager to see property inheritance tax removed on real estate assets.”

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