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Get all the latest news to your inbox

December 7

by Amy Kraven
Landlords must wait months for courts to evict tenants

Landlords are sometimes waiting more than five months for a judge to agree to evict a tenant from a private rented home.

The latest data shows landlords in South West England have the fastest repossessions at 18.1 weeks, as reported by the Ministry of Justice.

Those in London are the slowest, taking an average 25 weeks to take an application through to a repossession.

Thirsk MP Kevin Hollinrake asked for the information for each county court circuit in a written question to the Department of Housing, Communities and Local Government.

The statistics show average court times have changed since 2013, with improvements in every region except London, where landlords are waiting a week longer.

The government is consulting on plans for a specialist housing court aimed at speeding up court times for landlords and private renters.

“Tenants, landlords and agents can bring a range of housing issues to the courts or First-tier Tribunal to resolve disputes and enforce their rights,” says the consultation.

“However, concerns have been raised that this does not always work as effectively as it could. Tenants and landlords have suggested that it can be difficult for them to navigate bringing a case to court without support.

“We want to explore ways of reducing delays and improving the service for all users who bring housing cases to the courts and tribunal services.”


Average time to gain a possession order (weeks)

  2013 2014 2015 2016 2017
London 24.0 24.3 24.4 29.5 25.0
Midlands 23.6 25.3 23.1 23.6 21.4
North East 26.6 19.7 24.6 25.0 20.0
North West 27.5 26.8 19.7 19.0 21.1
South East 23.2 21.0 20.8 19.9 20.5
South West 20.6 23.0 16.0 19.0 18.1

Source: Ministry of Justice

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