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Get all the latest news to your inbox

July 4

by mydeposits
Keep your property better maintained this summer

Although the cold and wet of winter are likely to provide more problems for landlords, a change of season shouldn’t mean you take the foot off the gas in terms of maintenance.

While the risk of everything from leaky roofs to boiler breakdown is far more likely to happen during the colder months, summer brings with it an array of potential issues – with some carrying the potential to cause serious financial harm if left unattended.

From boilers to bathrooms and tiles to roofing and gardens, here are some of our top maintenance tips to keep your property functioning well into the summer and beyond.

Keep a look out for unwanted visitors

Although many of us associate pest control with grotty tower blocks or poorly maintained food outlets, the reality is that properties of all shapes and sizes can be affected by unwanted visitors. High time for pests such as bees and wasps coming out of hibernation, insects in particular can prove to be a living nightmare for your tenants.

In order to avoid potentially costly pest removal, it’s important to stay proactive in keeping insects away from your property. Exposed garbage is a huge attractant for bees and wasps, so it’s vital to enforce tenants to appropriately seal their bins. Additionally, it could be worth investing in protective covers for air bricks and exposed sidings on your property to prevent further infestation.

Keep things ticking over

During the warmer months, it’s fair to say that your tenants aren’t likely to be turning the heating on too regularly. But with months of inactivity often causing serious issues later down the line, you need to make sure the central heating system in your property continues to stay operational during the summer.

To avoid potential conflict with tenants, consider arranging a day that’s convenient for both parties (during a tenant’s summer holiday could be an ideal time) to turn the heating system on, bleed the radiators and perform a health check on your boiler.  This can help to prevent a hugely disruptive breakdown when heating systems awake from damaging long-term dormancy at the start of the winter.

Drains and gutters: a year round task

With winter storms and severe showers a distant memory during summer (or so we hope) it can be difficult to envisage flooding affecting your property between May and August. Yet should you neglect to adequately manage the gutters and drainage systems on your property, you might be setting yourself up for a wetter summer than you were expecting.

From leaves to other organic matter, a build up of debris can leave gutters liable to overflowing, during late summer especially, as autumn begins to come into view, guttering is far more susceptible to blockage.

To avoid overflows, leaks and downspouts that can cause everything from damp to full-scale ceiling damage, be sure to regularly check and clear any build up of debris in your guttering.

Other smaller tasks landlords can do to help ensure their property remains safe during the summer include:

Checking and cleaning extractor fans in bathrooms to prevent damp building up

Pruning/cutting trees to keep a steady stream of sunlight into your garden

Inspect the roof for loose tiles/shingles to ensure it remains safe for later on in the year

Keeping your property well maintained in the summer isn’t anywhere near as difficult or expensive as during the winter months. But by staying proactive and putting the work in now, you can help prevent far costlier issues later on in the year.

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