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Get all the latest news to your inbox

October 11

by mydeposits
Japanese Knotweed: Everything You Need to know

Guest Blog from Total Landlord Insurance

Japanese Knotweed was brought to the UK in 1825 for its attractive appearance and, because of its ability to grow quickly and densely, it was popular with landscape gardeners. However, it was these same characteristics that meant it soon became known as a destructive species.

Japanese Knotweed grows rapidly and aggressively, up to 10cm a day. Its resilient stem is capable of suppressing all other plant growth and can break through stone, brick, concrete and even metal.

Some lenders will decline mortgage applications due to the weed’s destructive nature or expect commitment to an effective treatment programme before considering an application.

Total Landlord Insurance have put together a guide to help you understand everything you need to know about Japanese Knotweed, including where it originated and how it can be identified, how it can damage your property and the steps to take if you find Japanese Knotweed on your land.

To download your free guide click here.

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