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Get all the latest news to your inbox

December 7

by Amy Kraven
Minister urges landlords to offer homes to tenants on benefits

Welsh Housing Minster Rebecca Evans wants to cut a deal with buy to let landlords to encourage them to offer homes to tenants on benefits.

She wants landlords to open their doors to low-income families and tenants on Universal Credit in a bid to tackle the housing crisis in Wales. In return, Evans explained, the Welsh government is putting together an ‘exciting package’ of incentives for property investors.

Speaking at a recent housing conference in Cardiff, Evans said: “We are currently working on an exciting proposal to make an attractive offer of this type, and it is one I want to move forward on at pace. These are exciting times for housing in Wales.

“I want to find ways to eradicate the no-DSS barrier. Poverty should not be allowed to be the basis for discrimination,” said Evans.

“I want to see the Welsh government do more to support landlords who are willing to widen access by providing security of income, protecting against voids and losses, and ensuring support for tenants during the duration of their agreement – and helping to improve the standard of the property they are renting.”

She went on to tell the conference delegates that the government understood the concerns landlords might have about letting homes to tenants on benefits because they may not pay rents on time. Under Universal Credit rules, tenants are responsible for managing their own finances and housing costs are paid directly to them rather than their landlords.

The minister did not reveal the details of any incentives but indicated that the government would expect landlords to offer longer tenancy agreements in return for taking part in the scheme.

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