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April 21

by mydeposits
Are you keeping your tenants informed? – Our new guides

Our Head of Dispute Resolution, Suzy Hershman, travels across the UK meeting our letting agent members and hosting training workshops on deposit disputes.mydeposits

Based on feedback we’ve created a series of guides for student tenants to help reduce deposit disputes and problems occurring.

Our landlords and agents may want to pass these guides to tenants, as educating your tenants can save you both time and money and so is mutually beneficial.


The four guides cover a range of topics including:

How to Discuss Deposit Deductions with Your Landlord or Agent

  • A handy guide for tenants providing top tips on how to discuss the return of the deposit with their landlord/agent at the end of the tenancy. This includes the importance of early discussion, listening and being listened to and recording any agreements in writing. Read the full guide here.


Top Tips for Keeping Your Property in a Good Condition

  • Accidents can happen. This guide provides tenants with key tips for maintaining a property throughout the tenancy and includes reading the check-in inventory, reporting problems or damages, avoiding smoking in the property and treating the property with respect. Read the full guide here.


Preparing in Advance for Deposit Disputes

  • This guide provides tenants with tips on ways to avoid a deposit dispute by keeping track of key information at the beginning and during the tenancy. This includes collecting documents when you move in and talking through any issues with your landlord/agent. Read the full guide here


Keeping Your Property Clean

  • An expert guide providing tips on how to ensure a property is properly cleaned throughout the course of the tenancy, including setting up a cleaning rota, being mindful of damp and cleaning before the end of the tenancy. Read the full guide here.


For more expert guides you can provide to your tenants visit our resources section here.

Additionally, for expert landlord guides you can visit our extensive resource section here.

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