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July 19

by mydeposits
Avoid summer issues in your property

With summer well and truly underway it is important to consider maintaining your property in order to keep it in a good condition and avoid any problems further on in the year. Many people assume that maintenance is only really necessary during winter months where leaky roofs and broken boilers pose the biggest risk. The truth is that summer months also come with their own set of problems which could cost you if left unattended.

Here are some of our best tips to avoid summer problems in your property.


Summer pests

The summer heat brings many pests, such as wasps and bees out of hibernation, which could cause major problems for your tenants.

Wasps and bees may decide to make nests in guttering, loft spaces and the roof so it is a good idea to monitor your property so you can spot any pest activity before they take hold. You may want to invest in protective covers for air bricks and any exposed sidings on your property. It may seem like just another expense but could cost you less in the long run should you need to pay out for pest removal.

If you do find a nest it is probably a good idea to get a specialist to remove it rather than attempting it yourself.

Pests can often be encouraged by exposed rubbish that has been left out in the sun so it is important to advise your tenants or provide sealed bins to ensure it’s not overflowing onto the street or in the property that could encourage rats and mice.

Make sure you encourage your tenants to keep the property clean by providing them with information on bin collection days when they move in.


Don’t forget to thoroughly inspect your property

Hot dry weather can cause paving stones and brick to shrink causing structural damage. This may cause dangerous trip hazards and unstable walls that could injure your tenants, so it’s a good idea to check the property for any signs of weathering, inform your tenants and rectify the issue as soon as it becomes apparent. Encourage your tenants to carry out their own property checks, as well as your own, so that any damage can be fixed as soon as possible.

Cleaning and maintaining guttering and pipework can also help to avoid problems occurring at the end of the summer when autumn showers begin, so staying ahead of the game is vital.


Avoid opportunistic burglars

Opportunistic burglars may be likely to take advantage of open doors and windows so it is good to make sure your tenant is vigilant and take measures to ensure the property is secure.

Explain to your tenants the importance of securing the property when they go out, including locking all windows and doors and placing valuables out of direct sight. Fitting a burglar alarm can also be used a deterrent.


The importance of conducting midterm property inspections

Midterm property inspections are useful for ensuring that your property is in good working order. It allows you to rectify any issues before they get worse and keep an eye on the general condition of your property during the tenancy.

Are you keeping your tenants informed and up to date with their responsibilities? Check out our new guides aimed at helping educating your tenants and helping save you both time and money here.

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