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Get all the latest news to your inbox

September 28

by mydeposits
50% of tenants have issues during a tenancy because of property maintenance

New research from Easyroommate has found that almost 50% of tenants have experienced property maintenance issues with their landlords.

Maintenance is one of the more complex issues to define, particularly for tenants and is one of the main reasons for deposit disputes between landlords and tenants at the end of a tenancy.

Research from tenancy deposit protection (TDP) scheme mydeposits shows that while only 2% of deposits require formal dispute resolution to resolve disputes, property maintenance accounts for 42% of these cases. The most commonly disputed issues are cleaning, damage to the property and/or general redecoration costs.

 Suzy Hershman, Head of Adjudication for mydeposits commented:

“The research from both mydeposits and Easyroommate is further evidence that tenants and landlords should maintain regular communication throughout the tenancy as well as at the end. This is best practice to ensure that any maintenance issues can be rectified quickly as and when they occur which should help to avoid a dispute over deposit deductions at the end of the tenancy.

“It also highlights the importance of understanding the concept of fair wear and tear and being reasonable on what proportion of any deterioration to a property is either the landlord or tenant’s responsibility.

“Our advice for tenants planning to vacate their homes in the near future would be to ask their landlord to visit and inspect the property prior to the tenancy end date. This will highlight any issues that need sorting and provide the tenant with adequate time to rectify them, avoiding the need for a dispute.”

The Easyroommate findings also highlighted the growing industry trend that more tenants (73%) are aware of tenancy deposit protection and what it means for them.

Recent mydeposits research found that 83% of tenants were aware of the regulations.

Albin Serviant, CEO of EasyRoommate, specialising in rooms to rent and helping landlords find tenants, commented:

“A private landlord or letting agent could be handling multiple deposits from multiple tenants sharing the same property. It is therefore essential that they protect the deposits received.

“This will give tenants a greater peace of mind, knowing that if they meet the terms of their tenancy agreement, they will receive their deposit back at the end of the tenancy. Both landlords and tenants can rest assured that in the unlikely scenario that there is a dispute at the end of a tenancy, it can be resolved independently and quickly by mydeposits.”

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